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Edgeworks CoolCut Glass Cutting Oil

Edgeworks CoolCut glass cutting oil was manufactured to be the coolest glass cutting oil in the industry.

The ingredients that make up CoolCut were shown to produce the lowest temperature during the glass cutting process of all the glass cutting oils tested.

CoolCut is a light viscosity oil that allows the machine to cut employing the fastest cutting head parameter known to date and still dispense a generous flow of oil to fill the score. A dry score is a hot score. Hot scores produce fissures that weaken the glass edge which produces breakage.

CoolCut has evaporative properties but does not vanish before the breakout operation has been completed.

CoolCut is approved by many of the float glass manufacturers on all low-E coatings and other sophisticated coated glass surfaces. CoolCut helps keep the oil lines and cutting heads clean and lubricates the cutting wheel assembly helping to improve tool sharpness and wheel tool life.

CoolCut is environmentally friendly.

CoolCut is available in 55 gallon drums and 5 gallon pails.

Edgeworks CleanCut Glass Cutting Oil

Edgeworks CleanCut glass cutting oil was manufactured to be a lubricating oil that provides a cool score, an easy breakout, and then evaporates quickly removing all oil residue before the glass goes into the washer. CleanCut is a vanishing oil that is gentle on sophisticated coated glass surfaces and will not contaminate washer water.

CleanCut is a light viscosity lubricating oil that will fill the score regardless of the cutting head speed parameter setting. This means easy breakouts and strong glass without an oily residue being carried into the glass washer water. CleanCut will also provide a good tool life for your cutting wheel assembly and eliminate dry scores that lead to weak edges on the glass and breakage during breakouts. CleanCut makes glass safer to handle as no oily residue remains on the edge of the glass that would make edges slippery and difficult to handle. CleanCut assists in the cleaning of the glass making CleanCut a great choice for both low-E insulated glass applications and low-E monolithic glass fabrications.

CleanCut is environmentally friendly.

CleanCut is available in 55 gallon drums and 5 gallon pails.                                                                 


Edgeworks Glass Grind Coolant

Edgeworks Glass Grind coolant is an un-dyed coolant or grinding lubricant for glass grinding, drilling, and routing applications. Glass Grind is recommended for use on medium to light glass grinding applications where medium to light stock removal is required.

Glass Grind coolant performance enhancements:

  • Will reduce the heat generated during the grinding, drilling, and routing process
  • Will improve the quality of the glass edge or the hole in the glass versus the use of water or competitive glass grinding coolants
  • Extends diamond tool life
  • Improves glass edge strength
  • 100% water soluble
  • Evaporates the same as water
  • Boiling water point is 212 degress
  • PH of 5% mix = 8.7
  • This product is environmentally friendly                                                                                             

  Edgeworks Glass Grind Plus Coolant

Edgeworks Glass Grind Plus coolant is a full synthetic coolant made specifically for medium to heavy glass grinding, drilling, beveling, and routing applications. Glass Grind Plus significantly enhances tool life, glass edge strength, and beauty.

Edgeworks CimClean System Cleaner

Edgeworks CimClean is a multi-purpose maintanance cleaner primarily specified to clean grinding coolant systems. CimClean helps to keep glass fines soft and easy to clean. CimClean also helps to keep cooling nozzles clear and free of all obstructions.

- CimClean is a water soluble general purpose cleaner concentrate primarily formulated for grinder coolant systems

- CimClean helps to keep pipes open and glass fines soft

- CimClean has rust inhibitors that prolong machine and tool life and help to keep machines looking new

- CimClean assists in the washing of glass and has anti-bacterial agents that help to control bacteria buildup which can cause health problems.


Edgeworks Anti-Foam was formulated to help keep coolant oxygen levels low for improved glass grind cooling.




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