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Edgeworks Polishing Wheels

Edgeworks has a large inventory of polishing wheels that includes V-groove, clay, cerium impregnated, resin, BD, and BK. All sizes and grits are available.


Edgeworks Cerium Oxide

Edgeworks Bevel Brite cerium oxide is a great cerium for polishing bevel applications. Bevel Brite is an optical grade cerium that can provide a beautiful gloss polish on large surfaces of glass.

Edgeworks Frost Brite is a special blend cerium that is used to polish the edges of frosted glass. Sometimes when a frosted surface or acid etched glass is polished, the cerium leaves a cerium stain that is impossible to remove. Frost Brite will not stain the frosted glass surfaces, but will allow the glass to be washed clean.

Edgeworks Mirror Brite is an economical surgace preparation cerium used for preparing glass surfaces to be silvered (mirror manufacturing). Mirror Brite has no contaminates that can lead to black spots or environmental complications.

Edgeworks sells cerium oxide in 44 pound boxes or 440 pound drums. Drums can be purchased in bulk or in (10) forty four pound bags.                                                                                                                            


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